Hello! I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog. Whether by accident, or on purpose, I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Dakota Guerrero and I am 24 years old. I am from Midland, TX and now live in Fort Worth, TX with my husband. I went to college in San Antonio, TX with a dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. When I moved to Fort Worth, I got the chance to live out this dream and was fortunate to teach 2nd grade. As many of you teachers realize, the job was so stressful. Although I loved working with kids, which is a passion of mine, the stress was too much. I ended up quitting after 6 months and have been able to stay at home since…which is what led me here. 

I have always loved writing, I love fashion, I love sharing stories about my faith, I love telling people about my love story with my husband, I love traveling, and so much more. My hope for this blog is to be a positive fun place to encourage you, make you laugh, make you forget about whatever may be stressing you out at the moment, and just a place for fun. I am so excited to share my life with you and be inspired together! You’ll hear from me again soon, God bless you!