Tre and Dakota: Part 2

Hey, you, welcome back to my blog! I hope that whatever I have written for you today inspires you or brings you some kind of joy in this crazy world we live in today. Today marks my husband and I’s 8-month wedding anniversary and our 6-year 9 month dating anniversary. I know I left y’all on a cliffhanger in my last relationship post. But I thought I would start sharing more about us throughout our first year of marriage. Let’s jump right in, shall we? 

Last time I wrote, my husband and I had just met, and I knew I was attracted to him, but we didn’t know how he felt about me. I’m gonna do yall a favor and skip past the couple of months that we flirted back and forth and hung out with each other…but never just the two of us lol. We finally got bold enough to go out on a lunch date together…alone. I know, I know a lunch date? Bear with us okay? Both of our parents were strict and a date at lunch was our best bet at that point. And let me tell you, it was the best first date. I had all those nervous feelings that you get before a first date, but the thing I was most worried about was what would we talk about? Let me tell you, my worries and nerves quickly faded away as soon as we left to lunch. The conversation flowed so well. It was like talking with my best friend. It was so easy to be myself with him, which was very rare for me to do around guys that I liked. I always tried so hard to be cool or likeable, but with Tre, he didn’t make me feel that way. He allowed me to be myself and it was refreshing. It was easy to see at this point, I liked Tre and he liked me. 

Our first picture together, taken the day we had our lunch date!

That lunch was the start of our relationship. We both couldn’t believe how right everything felt between us. After that we had lunch every week together, the conversations became endless, and he stepped up on the flirting. We hadn’t kissed yet, but Tre had a smooth way of making that happen. One Sunday we were both watching the Cowboys play. He bet me that if the Cowboys lost, I would have to kiss him. I was SO glad that happened when I was in the presence of my best friend because I freaked out. Now, I love my Cowboys, but I think that’s the first and only time that I’ve ever rooted for them to lose a game. Thankfully, they lost lol. The next time we hung out during the week, I was so nervous. It wasn’t until the end of the night that Tre reminded me of our bet, and he kissed me. And. It. Was. Perfect. Sparks were flying and the butterflies within me were going crazy. I think we were both blown away at that first kiss. It was truly magical. It didn’t happen anywhere special, there weren’t fireworks going on in the background, but like everything else in our relationship so far it felt like everything was falling into place. I was completely smitten by this man, and I was glad to see that he was smitten by me too.

We talked for about another month or so before people started asking us questions. Were we dating? How long had we been dating? Was it serious? Ya know, the typical questions that all your friends ask you when you’re with someone in high school. Tre hadn’t asked me officially to be his girlfriend yet, but I guess it didn’t really bother me until other people started questioning our relationship that it made me question our relationship and where he saw our relationship going. I hate to leave you on another cliffhanger…but I’ve gotta do it. Did I talk to Tre? Was he finally going to make it official and ask me to be his girlfriend? Find out on our anniversary next month how our story continued to unfold. I hope yall enjoyed today’s post, have a beautiful day! 

Always with Love, 


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