What does it mean to be established?

Hey, you, welcome back to my blog! I’m not sure what attracted you to my blog today, but I hope you leave feeling inspired and refreshed after reading what I’ve written for you today! Is it just me or do you sometimes just randomly get hit with a word from God? I was sitting on my couch and looking around our home and this sign that we have hanging on the wall caught my eye. It says “Guerrero…Tre & Dakota Established February 14, 2020.” It was so random, but the question crossed my mind: what does it mean to be established? I wasn’t just thinking practically, I was thinking biblically. So, I did some reading and I thought that what I found was really important to share with you because it is SO encouraging. 

Often, when I think of being established, I think of having a set home, a secure job in a career that I love, and most of all, success. I feel like so many of us can think that once we achieve success, whatever that may look like that we will be “established.” Well I’m here to give you the good news that being established, at least in God’s eyes has nothing to do with success, making the most money, having a mansion for a home, or having a life that looks like the best Instagram influencers/celebrities. 

According to Google, established means: having been in existence for a long time and therefore recognized and generally accepted. That sounds pretty similar to what I thought established meant. However, on this Plain Bible Teaching blog, the author gives an even better definition. He says that God establishes us by: “making you strong, complete, and equipped to follow Him and to face the trials that exist in this life.” I  don’t know about you but that definition of established is a lot more comforting and a lot less intimidating. It sounds like a life-giving gift. 🙂 I know what you’re thinking: “that’s great and all Dakota, but how do we have God establish us?” Well it’s simple! You become established by God by hearing the Good News, accepting it, and living it out. 

I know we all expected that to be so much more complicated, but praise God that He really made it that simple for us. We are all looking for our grand purpose in life and what is going to make us stand out from the crowd when really all we need to do is believe in Jesus and live out His will for our lives. 

Romans 3:21-31 says that believing in Jesus and allowing our righteousness from Him to guide us through life ESTABLISHES our purpose!! Even more proof, in Romans 4:3 it says that BECAUSE Abraham believed he received God’s righteousness!!

I am here to give you some encouragement today friends because I know that I definitely need it! In a day and age where the world says you can only be considered successful by the amount of money in your bank account or how many followers you have on social media or if you compare equally to those who are known and successful, God says, believe in me and you can be established and live out the purpose that I have for you. You don’t need worldly things to survive in this life, you just need God and the strength that only He can provide you to not only get through life, but also thrive in life! That’s it, it’s that simple! I hope you were encouraged by what was on my heart today. I pray this message reaches you and speaks to you. I’m always here to answer questions or to pray for you! Have a beautiful day, I will see yall next time! 

Always with Love,


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