My Skincare Journey

Hey you, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m gonna be sharing with you my absolute favorite skincare and the things that I recommend doing to help keep your skin looking flawless. 

During high school, when every other teenager was going through their breakout stages, my skin was pretty flawless. Other than the occasional stubborn whitehead or hormonal pimple, my skin was pretty clear. I was definitely blessed. Unfortunately for me, this didn’t last long. When I moved to San Antonio for college my skin began breaking out. It started out as just rough texture along my chin, then once that went away, I started breaking out really bad along my cheeks. Yes, I’m talking about the big embarrassing breakouts that you try at all costs to prevent. Finally, my mom suggested I go to a facialist. MY SAVING GRACE. I went to the best, Brittany at Twirl Salon in San Antonio. (If you live in San Antonio pay her a visit, she saved my skin!) Brittany did so many extractions, a chemical peel, and introduced me to a whole new skincare regimen. All by Tata Harper. I continued to go to facials regularly, every month to every 2 months. I’ve probably continued to struggle with break outs off and on since then. However, over the past few months since my wedding, I haven’t had a big break out, thank you Jesus. I’d like to think it’s because of all of the facials and peels I did before the wedding, but who knows! Side note: when looking for a facialist I rely on reviews but know that it’s also going to be a trial and error. While I’ve never had a super painful facial, I’ve had friends that have told me horror stories so just be careful and try not to go cheap, this is your face you’re spending money on, I think it’s pretty worth it!

As soon as I moved to Fort Worth, I immediately sought out a place for me to regularly get facials at. I tried one place and didn’t love it, and then came across Milk and Honey in the Clearfork area. I don’t have a particular esthetician that I like there, I typically just go with the first available. My favorite facial to get is the HydraFacial. If you’ve never heard of it, look it up it’s the coolest thing ever! Of course, my favorite part of any facial are the extractions. While they can be painful at times, if you find the right facialist they will make it as bearable as possible. If you’re unsure what facial would be right for you, you can always call a spa and talk with the lady at the front. Either way whatever service you book, your facialist will speak with you before starting and talk about skin concerns with you and decide what service would be best or what other service you should include on top of what you want. Facials saved my skin and I highly recommend every woman/man try them at least once, its lifechanging! And of course, these facialists led me to my holy grail products for my skin. Remember that all skin types are different, so while these products work great for my skin, they might not work for you. I recommend getting a facial or meeting with a skin expert to find out what your skin needs! Also, I know these items aren’t exactly budget friendly, but keep in mind that they last awhile. When I can’t afford to spend on these products I have no shame in asking for a few samples of them! Down below I’ve included my skin routine that I am currently using and some other products that I love as well. All products are linked in the picture so just click the picture to purchase the product!

I start with this to wash my face day and night.
Next, I use this as my toner. It doesn’t strip the skin, I just pump it onto my hands and press into my face.
I use this serum only at night right after I apple my toner.
Moisturizer followed by toner/serum day and night.
I typically use this in the shower every day, then follow with my regular routine.
I’ll use this for deeper exfoliation 3 times a week when I have it. This whole line is expensive so I only buy this when I have a little room to splurge. If you wanna try it before splurging, ask for a sample!
Another fav that I only get when I have the extra money to splurge, but does last quite awhile. These peel pads are a holy grail for breakouts!
Daily sunscreen that I wear. Lasts FOREVER. (obviously exaggerating, but the small bottle goes a long ways.
Lastly, my favorite sheet mask!! You can only order online through Amazon or their direct website, but so worth it. I truly believe these helped my skin heal along with all of these other amazing products.

As always, let me know if you try any of these products and if they work for you. If you have any recommendations for me as well I’d love to hear them! God bless and stay safe!

Always with Love, 


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