The Holy Grail of Jeans

Hey you, welcome back! I hope you’re having a beautiful day, and I hope you’re ready to discover something new today! Madewell Jeans. Finding the perfect jeans can be a task all on its own. And add an extra challenge if you don’t exactly have the biggest butt in the world…like me. BUT I have found them! Madewell’s jeans are comfy, stylish, and oh so flattering (even to the flattest of butts). Since discovering them, I have tried to purchase other brand jeans and instantly regret it because they aren’t ever as flattering.

If that wasn’t good enough to persuade you to splurge/invest on this pair of jeans, this next insider might just push you over the edge! They have a recycling jeans program. When you bring in your worn jeans to recycle (from any brand), Madewell will give you $20 off towards a new pair. I know that doesn’t completely bring down the price, but I promise investing in these jeans are worth it! Click each picture to shop the jeans shown!

Classic Straight Jean
High Rise Denim Short
10″ High Rise Skinny

If you purchase Madewell jeans for the first time or are already in love with this brand let me know in the comments! God bless!

Always with Love,


One thought on “The Holy Grail of Jeans

  1. LOVE!!! So cute! I have a pair of shorts from Madewell and they were my go-to’s for last summer! They fit so well. I love the ones you posted. Can’t wait to check them out 😍

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