Mother’s Day Special

Hey you, welcome back to my blog! Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible mom’s out there. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many strong women who have kids. Let’s be real, without our moms we would all probably look like chickens running around with our heads chopped off, or at least that’s how I know I would look! Today I decided to do something special and interview my mom by asking her questions about her life and being a mom. My mom has 5 children and loves each of us in such a unique way. She worked hard when we were all little and worked even harder as a stay at home mom. She is the most admirable woman I have ever met, and I am so honored to have been able to sit and listen to her answer my questions and learn more about her. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did! 

Okay mom, we’re recording. The first question: what was it like for you when you found out that you were going to be a mother? What emotions did you feel when you saw the pregnancy test? 

“Well, I was 22 when I first found out that I was pregnant. My first thoughts and probably any 22-year old’s first thoughts were: ‘oh my gosh, how am I going to afford raising this child? Where am I going to buy a crib?’ My initial thoughts were all about the finances unfortunately. I say unfortunately because being 22 versus being 38 when I was pregnant with my last child, you have two totally different mindsets. I was scared, I was nervous about how my body would change. But I also knew that this pregnancy had come out of love. I knew that God had to have had a part in it because we definitely did not plan it. I knew it was going to be a blessing, but I was still scared.” 

What about when you first saw Josh, your first born? How did you feel when they first delivered him and handed him over to you? 

“Oh my gosh. I had been in labor for 15 hours. So, he was the best sight to see after all of that. I counted his toes and fingers, I thanked God. I was so happy that he was finally here…and I was also so exhausted. After I saw him and held him, I think I just passed out because I was so exhausted.”

What is some of the best advice that you’ve been given in your life about motherhood?

“The best advice I’ve ever been given is two things: first, teaching your children everything you know about God and the importance of having a relationship with Him. And second, that it’s important to instill in your children to know that whatever they’ve done could always be worse. After having 5 children, I know now that no matter how perfect you think your kids are or put them on a pedestal, they are still going to make mistakes and mess up. They never do what you expect or don’t expect. My advice for a new mother would be ‘never say never, or not my child’. Because every child has their own personality when they are born. And no matter how hard you try to mold them or teach them; they are going to eventually become their own person. And you want that for them.” 

What is the best advice that you’ve ever gotten about life in general? 

“Life in general is so easy now that I’m 60 because things that I thought mattered don’t matter. And with the phrase: ‘this too shall pass’ no matter how difficult things may be I know things will always get better. I remember being 13 and thinking it was the end of the world because such and such happened. If I would’ve known how small these things would be now back then, I would’ve told myself: ‘Gloria, it’s not that big of a deal, don’t stress about it.’ There’s all of these sayings like ‘if it’s not gonna matter in 20 years, then don’t let it matter now’. Unfortunately, our society and human nature is to worry. I now find comfort in knowing that God doesn’t want me to worry like that. He tells me to let it go and let him take care of whatever it is. Even when I can’t sleep. Being a mom, God gave us an intuition, a pit in our stomachs to know when something is going on with one of our children. Some mornings I get up and I’m like ‘oh my gosh, which child is struggling or in trouble today?’ because I just wake up knowing and I can feel it. I just know I’m gonna get a phone call, and 99% of the time I’m right. But yes, to sum it all up, the best advice I’ve gotten is ‘this too shall pass’. 

What is the worst advice you’ve been given in your life about motherhood? 

“Oh my gosh, definitely do not care about what anyone else thinks when it comes to raising your children. Before I had children, my only concern was my dedication to my career. Once you become a mom, that’s all there is. I’d come home crying because someone else would say ‘oh my gosh they aren’t potty trained yet? They should be potty trained by now.’ I should’ve just made it about my husband and I raising our children the way that we wanted to raise them. That’s so important for a couple when they first become pregnant. Is to sit down and decide together how you want your children to be raised and try your best to stick by it no matter what anyone else says.”

Okay, last question: Do you have a favorite child? And you’re going on record so my brothers will most likely read this 🙂

“Haha! I had never understood this saying until I turned 60 and had my first grandchild: ‘the five fingers on your hand are like your children. they’re all very important, they all have different purposes and are needed for different reasons.’ Growing up, I was the oldest. And my younger siblings always accused me of being the favorite child. They’d say, ‘mom always believes you because your mom’s favorite.’ It wasn’t that I was the favorite, it was because I was the first child and she went through different trials with me. That’s how all your children are. To answer your question: there is no favorite child they’re all needed. Some you have to do everything for, and then there’s some that are so independent and do everything on their own. There’s one that never got in trouble, he would never get caught throwing parties in high school while we would happen to be out of town because he made sure people parked in the alley instead of in the front yard like other children that will not be named, haha!”

Sooo…she didn’t technically say I was the favorite. But she didn’t not say I wasn’t the favorite either. I hope you enjoyed reading through and learning from my mom about motherhood and life as much as I did. Without her I wouldn’t be the woman I am today, and I definitely wouldn’t know God without her either. Happy Mother’s Day momma, thank you for loving us unconditionally through every chapter of our lives. 

For those who are struggling this Mother’s Day, whether it’s because your mother is no longer here on Earth or because you didn’t have a mom in your life or maybe because you’ve lost a child. Know that you are seen, and I am thinking about and praying for you today. Have a beautiful day and smile because you are loved! See you next time! 

Always with Love,


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Special

  1. Your momma definitely has one of the most giving and loving hearts I’ve ever seen. She always goes above and beyond whatever mission she may be on. She always has a smile and welcomes you with open arms. Such a very wise woman, offering advice but never passing judgment. You could talk to her about anything. She’s a Godly woman with a servant’s heart.

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  2. Love this!!! Such A creative and thoughtful idea!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity and also for reinforcing how unique & special your mom is! AND Gloria is blessed to have you for a daughter❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great job Dakota! I love the interview with your mom, our cousin! She is an amazing kind hearted woman. You are blessed to have been raised by her. She is beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, caring, and loving person.
    Good luck with your blog! I’ll tune in for sure!

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